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Easy way to feed your garden birds

I'm back, I've been inspired.

We had some cooking margarine that went out of date & I was lead to feeding the birds with it as we're just coming into the chilly season here in the UK.

I melted down the margarine (you can also use margarine, lard or butter, the birds prefer lard and butter).

Threw in some old apples chopped up.

Add a lot of bird seed, but leaving enough melted margarine to help bind...

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The Magic of Snow

Sitting on the doorstep in just a nightie at 6am watching the snow falling.

It sounds surreal, but that's what I was doing this morning. It allows a little time for contemplation before the onslaught of the day. I love the snow, it always makes me happy. It looks beautiful, magical and perfect, until someone makes a footprint in it. Even then it still holds a magical feel to it.

How many of you...

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Just some natural remedies

Nature's usefulness for various ailments range from common knowledge to the unusual. I'll be listing some here.

- witch hazel is great for bringing out bruises quickly and closing open pores (will help with spots). Seems ok to use on eczema.
- peppermint oil, rubbed on temples is great for a headache.
- Whiskey or brandy, honey & lemon work wonders on a sore throat.

My son is very good at getting...

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A Useful Group

group help pagan

I've been a member of this group for a long time:
It's very insightful & friendly

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Zizzyfay Fairy Clothing

clothes clothing enchanted life faerie fairy Magic magick pagan pixie shopping wicca wiccan

I found this site, when I found an old friend online. Turns out this is what she's doing now.

I really love some of the designs & nature behind them & I'm hoping you do too.

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