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Eczema and Lavender Oil

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Life with eczema is one of the key reasons I started Moondial's Madness and chose the product lines I have. The essential oil range has been a bit of a saviour for me for many years because they are so pure that you can use some direct on the skin (which I use Tea Tree Essential Oils for example; for the odd acne outburst or topical skin infections, but I know this isn't good for everyone, Tea Tree Oil is one of the strongest out there). I did a lot of research from a great deal of books, including and still refer to: Scott Cunningham's Aromatherapy

Tonight for example, about 5 drops of lavender oil in a bath alongside my medically prescribed bath emollients have helped soothe aching muscles (from darting about at work), the scent and action of being in a relaxing bath has calmed a lot of tension I've had, mentally and physically, and the Lavender Oil is also helping soothe any particularly sore eczema or sun burn (as we currently have a heatwave in the south of the U.K., some 30°C+ for the last few days).

N.B. Please make sure you do some research before adding various oils to you skin or to baths as some oils, even essential and organic ones have to be extremely diluted to avoid adverse reactions.

If you're looking to use oils in an oil burner instead please check out our range of fragrance oils. These are never to be used on skin or fabrics.

I'm now signing off for today, but hoping maybe I've brought some light and knowledge into someone's world. If you're in this heatwave here, cover-up, stay out of the midday sun and if you're ok to use it always wear sunscreen.


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