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Charity Donations

Just to give you the heads up that Moondial's Madness pledges to give 5% of all profits to Pagan Aid, with a bid to help protect Mother Earth and help eleviate extreme poverty on a global scale.

This is dear to me as from a young age I was saddened that there was so much out there destroying our natural environment, there are so many simple things we can do at home and in our own community to ease global issues like co2 emissions. A simple act of ensuring you have plants in your gardens or window boxes and not just concrete can ensure just a little more breathing room for Mother Nature.

This week my 6-year old son asked me why people chop down trees 🌲 I didn't have a sensible answer as there is only one good reason and that is if a tree totally rotting away anyway it can be removed peacefully to ensure room for new saplings to rise (as is taught in the cycle of life itself).

I hope I have inspired you to think about your environment and what you could do to help.

Brightest Blessings



~ Moondial ~

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