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Hi again all!

I’m a person who’s into alternative lifestyles and self improvement, but today I wasn’t talking to a lady who I see regularly on the School run, I think she’s a grandparent or something, but she re-opened my mind to the spirituality in life and reminded me how to cleanse my chakras and recreate the positivity in my life. I’ve had a tough year and it’s exactly what I needed at the time...

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Stress and Anxiety

I've been 'suffering' from stress and anxiety for almost 2 years now (possibly longer) and some days are easy and I find people I can talk to and projects to work in and I'm ok as long as I keep busy.

Today isn't one of those days, it's a day where everything in my head and body is screaming. I'm not even sure what's different about today. I've looked after my mum and son as I always do, I've taken...

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Following Mental Health Week

Hey all! Just wanted to tell my story a little following mental health week. Although I am an all around optimist, I was diagnosed earlier this year with stress and anxiety. After the diagnosis I got lots of help, and started getting lots better very quickly, but this help was only for a short time.  Now time has moved on and all the stress feels like it's mounted back up on me. Like many mental health issues, this one is circumstantial, even though I have the tools to cope, sometimes it's just too much, looks like I'll be seeking help again soon....

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Spiritual Haven

As much as I love running my shop with all it's spiritual and pagan paraphernalia, I'm debating with myself about creating a real-world spiritual haven with the ability to just come and sit, maybe have coffee or tea, read a book, browse real products etc. but I'm struggling for funding and would love you, my dedicated fans and readers to help me with some ideas.
The other thing I'd like to do is...

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I'd forgotten how much I love what I do...

This is a massive collection of new products I've just added to the website in the last week and I'd forgotten how much I love looking at and playing with all the new products.

In addition to this, I'm still offering little sample products for anyone who is interested. Please drop me a message on here or wherever you can find Moondial's Madness online for more information.

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